Sustainable Aviation requires emission-free aircraft

Dutch initiative joining forces in project DragonFly to electrify an existing small aircraft

Going electric

Why sustainable aviation matters to our Aeronautical & Precision Engineering students and partners

How would a design of an electrically converted small aircraft look like?



By 1998, 500 examples of all Dragonfly variants were reported as flying.

None of them have been equiped with electric propulsion, until now….



We have been educating aeronautical engineering since 1936

The oldest aeronautical engineering university of applied sciences in the Netherlands started in Haarlem, the hometown of Anthony Fokker. In 2004 we moved to Delft.



“I see a really wonderful group of motivated people here in Aeronautical Engineering.

We are always interested in that at Airbus, of course!”

Harry Beetsma

Head of Product Stragy, Airbus


“We all need to collaborate to achieve sustainable aviation and we need to move fast. I am glad we can join forces with Inholland to learn more about electric propulsion”

Henri Werij

Dean of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft


“I have had the honour of chairing their panel for assessing the 4th year engineering and entrepreneurship projects. I am extremely enthusiastic about the engenuity of these students”

Frank Jansen

Managing Director, NAG - National Aerospace Group