Electric powertrain testing now also in Dragonfly

After one year of ground testing on test stand, the electric powertrain will now also be tested within the Dragonfly for the upcoming taxi test campaign on Teuge Airport.

Ground testing will move to Teuge airport to validate integration of electric powertrain within  the Dragonfly

After a year of extensive testing in the test-cell in Delft it is now time to start system level testing of the complete integration. Many hours have been spend on obtaining performance and reliability data of all the components used in the electric powertrain. This included reference testing with Emrax motors and multiple models of Saluqi Motors. The Saluqi products have been selected for project Dragonfly because of its unique design with integrated inverter and patented cooling design. 

In the video you can get an impression on how these tests were performed. The next step is to move to Teuge Airport where the testing will be continued and further scaled up for full system testing including high speed taxiing. If you want to witness the electric Dragonfly on Teuge Airport, then visit the AirFair 2022 which will take place on September 10 between 10:00 and 16:00. Perhaps we can already spin up the motor and provide a taxi demonstration. If you want to read more about project DragonFly, read the recently published article on AirOnline.