Project team

Experts from the industry and young professionals working together on sustainable aviation in Delft



The project team consists of individuals with various backgrounds, but all with a high interest in sustainable aviation. This includes professionals from different international universities, companies and knowledge institutes from the aerospace, sustainability and energy sector. Students contribute through extracurriculur activities, educational engineering or graduation projects. If you are interested in joining this project as a researcher or partner then visit the contact page.

Aeronautical & Precision Engineering at Inholland

The oldest aeronautical engineering university in the Netherlands started in Haarlem in 1936, the old hometown of Anthony Fokker. After a relocation to Delft in 2004 the engineering faculty transformed into its current state at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Throughout the years it maintained the unique athmosphere and attracted many students from all over the world with bold engineering spirits with the goal to graduate as an Aeronautical or Precision Engineer and pursue professional careers all over the world at leading aerospace and hightech companies. For more historic information on this unique engineering program