Electric Dragonfly moves to International Airport Teuge

Part of electric flight pavilion during AirFair 2022 with many more electric air mobility developments

Teuge is the place-to-be for electric aircraft

It is finanally time to move the electric Dragonfly to International Airport Teuge, the place-to-be for electric flight. For a few years this airport has been adopting electric aircraft initiatives DEAC and the E-Flight Academy and is with its operation the logical location for the electric Dragonfly to proceed with the testing campaign. This campaign started in 2022 in Delft and has been focussing on component and sub-assembly testing. The next step in the certification plan is to start full system testing, which requires an infrastructure such as in Teuge. Watch the video to meet the electric Dragonfly.

In september the Dragonfly will start with initial testing including low-speed taxiing. Once all systems are working according expectation, the system will be expanded with the full battery system such that high speed taxiing can take place. If all goes according the flight test plan, then we expect to go airborne in the summer of 2023. If you want to witness the electric Dragonfly on Teuge Airport, then visit the AirFair 2022 which will take place on September 10 between 10:00 and 16:00. Perhaps we can already spin up the motor and provide a taxi demonstration. If you want to read more about project DragonFly, read the recently published article on AirOnline.

The electric Dragonfly will not be the only emission-free initiative during the AirFair 2022. Thanks to the EVC (Elektrisch Vliegen Collectief) multiple electric flight initiatives have been approached to join the AirFair to show what value propositions they are working on. Between 11:00 and 12:30, some of these initiatives will provide extra background during a presentation hosted by the EVC and be an opportunity for the public to get in touch with these companies. Some of them are recruiting, so perhaps a good place to be for making first contact. The following parties will be part of this presentation.

company/initiative speaker topic
Luchthaven Teuge Matthijs de Haan Teuge, the electrification campus for electric flight
E-Flight Academy Merlijn van Vliet First european full electric flight school
Fly with Lucy Thijs Bosgoed First Dutch electric airliner
VÆRIDION Nando van Arnhem Developing a nine passenger electric airplane
Electron Aerospace Josef Mouris Developing a five seater electric airplane
Maeve Aerospace Joost Dieben Developing a 44 passenger electric airplane
NRG2Fly Jurjen de Jong en Jeroen Kroonen Developing the electric charging infrastructure
Inholland – Aeronautical & Precision Engineering Arnold Koetje Testing a flying test bed with dutch technology