Electric Dragonfly VR simulator at Paris Air Show 2023

Meet us at the Paris Air Show 2023 between June 19 and 23 where we will join the Netherlands Pavilion organised by the Netherlands Aerospace Group and Holland High Tech together with Dutch aerospace companies.

Lets discuss electric aircraft validation using a full motion VR simulator

Interested in the Dutch developments for emission-free aircraft, meet us at the Netherlands Pavilion during the Paris Air Show 2023 from June 19 tot 23 in Hall 2B booth G94 together with many partners from the Netherlands. Lets discuss the latest electric aircraft and flightsimulation developments. If you are curious about how to retrofit existing aircraft to electric, we can tell you everything about how this works for the Electric Dragonfly.

Using the latest technologies for validation, we have been using VR and AR since 2017 in our applied sciences projects. For the electric Dragonfly we initiated a new full motion flight simulator in 2019 and added the Mixed Reality from the Varjo XR3 in 2021. This system was used as a development platform for the Pipistrel Flightsimulator which we developed for the E-Flight Academy in 2021. This also included our in-house developed control loading system to allow for an even more immersive experience during aircraft validation and flight training. In 2023 we developed a new concept for control loading which included an even more cost-effective approach to force feedback. Interested in trying our our latest innovations? Come and meet us at the Paris Air Show 2023 during June 19 and 23 in Hall 2B, booth G94. 

The Netherlands Pavilion is facilitated by the NAG Advancing your Aerospace and Airport Business and will bring the following parties: