Inholland Applied Sciences Labs Delft  internships starting sept. 2023  

We are currently recruiting for a new round of internships and graduation projects starting in September 2023. If you are interested in joining the Inholland Applied Sciences Labs in Delft for a research project, please sign up to attend the Applied Sciences Lab internship market on Wednesday June 14th 15:00 – 17:00 in the API building.   

Instructions are at the bottom of this page. Registrations for the fair are open until 2 hours before the start of the market (Registration deadline: 13:00 on Wednesday June 14th)

Note: the list of internship subjects is provisional and subject to change.  

Future of zero emission flight  

To reach climate goals, the European unit set goals to transition aviation into zero emission propulsion. This transition has a significant impact on developments within the aviation industry. Most assignments are related to support a future of zero emission flight and are part of our research project, Project DragonFly ( Other assignments contribute to sustainability or other advancements within Aerospace.   

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Light Weight Structures 

Lightweight structures play a key role in the future of zero emission flight as lower weight increases the range and reduces the amount of energy needed for flight. Next to constructing a light as possible  there is also attention for the life cycle emissions of parts, which includes the manufacturing process. 

Topic  Description  Level 
Compression Tester Finishing and commissioning of Compression Tester and performing compression tests on stiffened aluminium skin panels.  3rd year internship 
Thermoplastic composite press forming automation  Development and validation of automated press forming or thermoplastic composites products  3rd year internship 
Carbon Negative Composites press forming  Press forming setup and process for the forming of 3D shape thermoplastic Bio-PE/Flax composites components – in collaboration with Eve Reverse  3rd year or Graduation 
Carbon Negative Composites fiber alignment  Development of a process and tooling to manufacture bio-PE laminates with alligned Flax fibers – in collaboration with Eve Reverse   3rd year or Graduation 
Fanuc Robot mold production cell  Development of the Fanuc robot into a mold production cell by integrating a production table, high speed spindle and required software.   3rd year internship 

Project Dragonfly 

Project DragonFly is gaining momentum in its sustainable aviation developments: Electric Propulsion. The aim is to complete the conversion to electric propulsion within 2022 together with our partners.  

Topic  Description  Level 
Dragonfly scale model  Finishing the physical model of the DF scale model and researching autonomous flight  3rd year internship 
Development & test engineering – Dragonfly  Testing, validation and design optimization of the Dragonfly electric propulsion system and/or aircraft  3rd year internship 
Development & test engineering – electric vehicle  Testing, validation and design optimization of the Volvo Aero Electric 3rd year internship 
Aircraft measuring instruments testbed  Development of a testbed to check and calibrate aircraft measuring instruments, such as alpha vain, pitot tube or others and setting up aerodynamic tests  3rd year internship 


For decades flight simulation has been part of the Aeronautical Engineering program within the University of Applied Sciences of Inholland. In the last half year, a team of students has successfully developed a simulator of the Pipistrel Velis Electro for the first Dutch flight school E-flight academy. Using motion base and VR technology the simulator provides for a very realistic flight experience at a fraction of the cost of conventual certified flight simulators. Flight Sim Delft aims to continue to make improvements to this advanced flight sim.   

Topic  Description  Level 
Varjo Mixed Reality for Flight Simulation  Develop solution to align a physical world overlay (see hands and cockpit panel through cameras) with a virtual flight simulation environment with a  using the Varjo XR-3 Headset  Graduation 
Extended Reality in Education   Design a general plan of approach for converting a subject to XR and ceate a concept design (not developing the actual experience or in cooperation with supervisors) of a selected subject/course within the aeronautical engineering of Inholland  3rd year (or graduation) 
Direct simulation visualization in Mixed Reality  Develop an XR environment that provides real-time interaction with digital/physical objects and concurrently visualizing the response from simulation results. As an example, applying pressure on a digital bar which correspondingly shows a stress analysis throughout the bar. Let the user change the material and subsequently interact, to visualize an updated stress analysis.  Graduation 
Force feedback stick  Design, manufacture and integrate an adjustable spring-based 2DoF force feedback stick for flight simulation based on concept using an adjustable spring.  Graduation or 3rd year 
New Motion platform  Design and manufacture a new low cost motion platform for flight simulation based on a 4DoF concept (pitch, roll, heave, yaw) or a parallel rotation concept (3DoF)  Graduation  

Space  – InhollandSat-1 

The InhollandSat-1 cubesat is scheduled for launch into Earth Orbit in the 2025/26 timeframe. It is presently in the design phase and will be constructed and tested by Inholland Aeronautical & Precision Engineering students as part of their internships and Space Engineering Minor project teams. The primary objective of the satellite is to conduct an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) of several cutting-edge technologies. These include accelerated de-orbiting from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) within a maximum of 5 years, a bidirectional Optical SatCom service for secure messaging at low data rates, and Climate Change Observation capabilities. 

Topic  Description  Level 
Cubesat De-orbit device  Development of a prototype for a cubesat De-orbit device. The project includes the validation of a distribution valve subsystem and prototyping of the inflatable sail, the pressure tanks, the electronics and the AIT procedure for the Flight Model (FM).  3rd year or Graduation 
Optical SatCom Payload & Ground terminal  Development of 2 prototypes for the Optical SatCom 1) A volume, mass and power representative prototype of the payload 2) the Ground Terminal build on an existing telescope that needs to be upgraded with a power LED, a photodiode, pointing mechanism and electronics.  3rd year or Graduation 

How to sign up  

  • Sign up for the internship/graduation market  before Wednesday 14th of June 13:00 through the following sign-up form: Microsoft Forms.  
  • If you cannot attend the market, but you are interested in one of the positions, please do fill out the form indicating you are not available and provide a reason. 
  • For Non-Inholland students the form does not work. You can sign up for the market or apply for an internship by emailing

What happens next? 

When your sign-up is complete, you are welcome to attend the internship market. If you are not able to attend but you do meet the criteria to start an internship at the Applied Sciences Labs Delft, you will be contacted through email.  During the fair you can discuss the assignments with the employees of the lab, convey your interest and leave a good impression. We will make the final selections soon thereafter and aim to have the majority of assignments assigned before the end of June.  

Rik Westerink

Internship coordinator – Applied Sciences Labs Delft