Project DragonFly expanding to Ypenburg (TPY)

Technology Park Ypenburg welcomes 2nd Dragonfly at TPY Scale Up and Innovation Facility

  • Date: Jan 12 2020
  • Location: Delft – Ypenburg
  • Project activity: Electric airplane demonstrator

Since the arrival of the 2nd Dragonfly, Inholland has been in close contact with its partners to look for collaboration opportunities with the goal to speed up the development of the electric airplane demonstrator. Supported by members from InnovationQuarter and stichting RHIA this resulted in a dialogue with Stephen Hands, managing director from Technology Park Ypenburg, the Hague. With the capabilities in Ypenburg it turns out that TPY’s Scale Up and Innovation Facility is an extremely suitable location for project DragonFlyInholland and TPY have a agreed to join forces and are happy to announce a collaboration at TPY’s facility.

Sustainable solutions are critical for all our futures and is something we at TPY are passionate about. We are delighted that the Inholland Dragonfly team, who are working on zero emission solutions technology for aviation have elected to join us at TPY. In a subsequent phase of their development of the aircraft/power train, Inholland is expecting to move some operations to RHIA, when they begin aircraft testing, which forms part of the TPY/RHIA ambition and collaboration for sustainable aviation

Stephen Hands

Managing Director, TPY

About Technology Park Ypenburg:

Technology Park Ypenburg, The Hague, facilitates and promotes the innovation, business and talent growth of High Tech Manufacturing in the region. 

About project DragonFly at Inholland:

Project DragonFly is one of Inholland´s “learning-by-doing” applied research projects. The project is executed by engineering students, teachers, researchers, industry professionals, institutes and companies who want to collaborate in sustainable aviation. The Aeronautical and Precision Engineering course at Inholland educates people to become directly internationally employable in the broad spectrum of aerospace industry and related sectors. In the coming years, the focus will be on further development and innovation of sustainable (aerospace)mobility.

For the upcoming integration activities, TPY is an extremely valuable fit for project DragonFly. With TPY’s engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities close by we can accelerate our plans

Arnold Koetje

Manager of the Applied Sciences Labs, Inholland in Delft

The retrofit of the “Viking Dragonfly” at TPY to a zero emission configuration will be done together with Dutch partners. This composite lightweight 2-seater aircraft is developed as an experimental demonstrator aircraft for multiple stakeholders in the Netherlands who have changed their focus towards achieving sustainable aviation with electric aircraft. The prototyping and assembly work on the aircraft  are expected to take place  at TPY for the next 12 months. Access to advanced machine tools and expertise in High Tech composite materials are key reasons for Inholland to to expand to TPY for this period with the ultimate goal to fly in 2022. For more information on TPY, contact Stephen Hands. For more information on project DragonFly, contact Arnold Koetje.