2nd airplane for project DragonFly

From the many Dragonflies that were registered to fly all over the world, only 3 have been manufactured in the Netherlands. One of these planes has left the country a few years ago and since today we can happily share with you that project DragonFly has now obtained last remaining Dragonfly in the Netherlands. 

  • Date: Sept1 2020
  • Location: Lelystad-Delft
  • Project activity: Electric Dragonfly demonstrator

Project DragonFly welcomes a 2nd airplane. The only dragonfly which has ever been registered to fly in the Netherlands was located at Prekas, an aircraft building- and maintenance company situated at Lelystad Airport. The team of project DragonFly got in touch with the owner last year which resulted in the idea of transfering this airplane to Inholland and make it available as airframe for project DragonFly.

The transport was prepared in August and since september 1 it is officially owned by the Aeronautical & Precision Engineering department from Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Delft. The team will start preparing it for integration of the electric powertrain which is planned for the upcoming months. The 1st Dragonfly (already at Inholland since early 2019) will play a substantial role in this process as development system for the on-board aircraft systems and interfaces. Stay tuned for regular updates…