Project DragonFly continues at home during coronacrisis

After 6 weeks of intelligent lockdown the project team was able to continue most of its activities online or at home. How? See the video

  • Date: April 23 2020
  • Location: At home
  • Project activity: Design 

How does working at home look like during the corona crisis?

Like all Universities in the Netherlands, our facilities were forced to close its doors on March 13 as part of the national measures against COVID19. Since then we have been working hard providing online education and use the same digital infrastructure to continue the applied research programs. For project DragonFly this is currently working out well and for now we believe we can avoid a delay in the project. Most activities have been shifting towards the development of the digital twin and all researchers can do this from home. Sometimes with their own ICT equipment, and sometimes with a little help from the lab. See the video and see how the students, researchers and teachers are able to continue Project DragonFly at home in their home workspace and improvised mini-labs.